5 Advantages of Alloy Wheels over Steel Wheels

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Of the many enhancements or upgrades you can make to your vehicle, aluminium alloys are becoming increasingly popular. But why would making such an investment benefit your vehicle overall? Here are five factors that prove the advantages of alloy wheels over steel alternatives.

1. Lightweight

Due to the properties of aluminium metal, aluminium alloys are incredibly lightweight. The lighter weight of alloys has a knock on effect on the handling of your vehicle, particularly when it comes to steering precision, mileage and ability to accelerate more responsively. Perhaps this is why alloys have been favoured by those in the racing industry for years.

2. Increases Value

Even though alloys may cost a little more on the outset, they increase the value of your vehicle overall. This is due to the fact that alloys are more desirable and they perform better than their steel counterparts.

3. Enhances Performance

Experts have claimed that alloys enhance handling and performance. Some alloys offer improved brake clearance as well, which reduces the effort required to push the brake and enhances the driver’s control. Alloys also disperse heat better than steel wheels, which results in better, more efficient braking. This is due to the properties of the alloy, coupled with a design that allows air flow.

4. Strength

While steel wheels are durable and heavy, they can also appear bulky and unattractive. With alloy wheels, on the other hand, you maintain all of the durability whilst enhancing the appeal and overall value. This is because, aluminium, when combined with other metals, becomes stronger and more reinforced.

5. Aesthetic Appeal

Alloys are better looking, more appealing and are available for nearly all makes and models of vehicle. In fact, many manufacturers choose to equip their high-end vehicles with alloys from the off, because they look significantly more appealing than steel wheels and hubcaps. Many people invest in alloys simply for their aesthetic value, especially considering the huge selection of sizes and finishes available. For example, you could choose chrome, painted, polished, or even fully customised to your specifications. Although for the latter you may expect to pay a fair bit more. When choosing your alloys you may be given the option to upgrade to larger sizes, which will also enhance the look of your wheels.

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