Alloy Repairs

Wheel Repair and Refurbishment

If you notice that your alloys are damaged in any way, then alloy repair in Kent & Surrey will repair and refurbish your alloys professionally to ensure they are strong and shine brightly.

Small damage to your alloys such as basic scratches and scuffs can easily be repaired yourself. It’s a straightforward process and just requires you to have a few tools and alloy products.

How to Repair a Scratch on an Alloy Yourself

You first want to make sure you’ve cleaned the area with glass cleaner and a clean cloth. This will remove any dirt on the alloy that could further scratch it if not removed. Once you’ve cleaned it, then use some masking tape to put on the tyre (this stopping you from damaging the tyre) and then sand and scuff down the scratches with a piece of sandpaper and a scuff pad. This allows you to smooth out the damaged area.

After this, you will then be required to put some masking paper over your tyres while you spray a couple of coats of a primer over the area. Once dry, spray the area with the appropriate colour of alloy paint and then wait for it to dry. Finally, you then want to apply a couple of coats of a clear coat spray to protect it. Wait ten minutes and then remove paper and masking tape and get going!         

When Should You Call a Professional

There are a few indications that you can look out for to allow you to know how damaged your alloys are and when you should get them fixed by a professional.


The types of damage can be categorised into three sections: small damage, medium damage and heavy damage.  

Small damage would include things such as scratches, fading or scuffs.

Medium damage would be things such as an alloy being bent, buckled or dented.

Finally, the heavy damage would be a split rim.

The small damage you can easily take care of yourself with a few tools, special paints and primers. However, when the alloy is bent, buckled or split then it gets a lot harder and is a lot more challenging to repair yourself if you have no knowledge with cars. When you notice that your alloys are experiencing medium or heavy damage, then you should get in contact with wheel repair in Kent & Surrey who will be able to professionally fix your alloy and make it good as new.  

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