Cleaning Your Alloy Wheels

Cleaning your car is a long task; however, it is so rewarding once you’re done. When cleaning the alloys, you want to take a bit more care as you don’t want to get them scratched nor do you want to ruin the paint work. Wheel refurbishment in Kent will paint your alloys and repair any damages to them.


To properly clean your alloys yourself there are a couple of tools you will require to ensure your alloys are cleaned thoroughly and not damaged in the process.

The tools recommended for cleaning alloys would be:

  • Soft Bristle Brush
  • Warm Soapy Water
  • Specialised Alloy Wheel Spray   
  • Leather or Microfibre Chamois  
  • Alloy Polish


The first step of cleaning alloys is to remove any dirt. To do this simply use a hose pipe or jet washer just to remove all dirt and dust. Removing dirt means that when you’re cleaning the alloy, you won’t scratch it with mud or any small stones that are in the mud. With the specialised alloy wheel spray, spray a generous amount on the wheel then use the brush to lift off any remaining dirt from on and around the wheel. Continue until all the dirt is removed and then proceed to remove excess soap.

With the warm soapy water, remove brake dust and surplus to ensure that it is 100% clean and there’s no dirt left hiding somewhere. To finish off this process simply use your leather or microfibre chamois to wipe down the water, removing the likelihood of any water spots or streaks.

For an extra shine and shimmer, use some alloy polish to intensify the sparkle on the wheels.    


Maintaining the Wheels

To maintain the alloys clean the wheels regularly to remove any dirt that will build up on them. You could also change the brake pads each time you clean the wheels. Doing this will not only protect the wheels, but it will also ensure that the brakes are in excellent condition and there won’t be a buildup of brake dust. For ultimate protection, you could do all of this and also use a wheel protectant that will stop dirt and grime from sticking to the alloy resulting in it just flying off and making your wheels look shiny and attractive.      


Alloy wheel refurbs in Kent & Surrey will ensure that your wheels are in excellent condition and they will sort any damages that occur to assure further that the wheels are working to their optimum ability.

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