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Alloy Wheel Refurbs in Maidstone

Are you looking for alloy wheel refurbishment in Maidstone? Well, look no further! Fusion Wheels are here to help. We can take care of all aspects of wheel refurbs, whether it’s a diamond cut alloy wheel or a powder coated wheel.

Fusion Wheels have over 15 years of experience in wheel refurbishment. We offer our services to the public as well as the trade. The art of alloy wheel refurbishment is a specialism and not everyone is capable of meeting our high standard. Unfortunately, some businesses out there that offer a similar service just don’t have the experience or equipment that is available to us.

Alloy wheel refurbs are becoming more and more popular. With the increase in beautiful cars that people are now buying, who wants to ruin the aesthetics with scuffed or scratched wheels? You may be in need of alloy wheel refurbishment in Maidstone if you’re returning a leased car as well.

Take a look and see how Fusion wheels can help with alloy wheel refurbishment in Maidstone by visiting our alloy wheel refurbishment page.

Alloy Wheel Repairs in Maidstone

Whats the difference between alloy wheel refurbishment and alloy wheel repair? Well, technically speaking, alloy wheel repairs take care of cracked, buckled or corroded wheels. Generally speaking, a refurb is exactly what it says – a refurbishment of the ‘look’ of the wheel. An alloy wheel repair is more operational than aesthetic.

If you’re noticing slow tyre deflation frequently, you may have a crack in the wheel itself. This can be a big problem as it interferes with the wheel’s structure. If this is the case, you could potentially be at risk of the wheel collapsing or separating whilst on the road. An obvious chance of a horrific accident waiting to happen. At Fusion Wheels, we can repair the cracked wheel by welding the crack. Unfortunately, not every wheel is possible to be repaired, but we can let you know on the day whether or not that’s the case.

Now Fusion Wheels are able to take care of alloy wheel repairs in Maidstone as we can come and pick the wheels up from your door. We don’t offer a mobile repair, but we can give you a set of slave wheels so that you’re able to use the car in the meantime. We try to make your life as simple and easy as possible!

To learn more about alloy wheel repairs in Maidstone, give us a call!

For anything to do with alloy wheel repairs in Kent, it’s Fusion Wheels that can help!

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