Do You Have A Bent or Buckled Alloy?


Do your alloys look bent and crooked? Damaged alloys can lead to bad tyre wear and can even lead to a high risk of puncture. If not dealt with it can lead to serious damage to the car steering and suspension. At Fusion Wheels, we are specialists in alloy wheel refurbs in Kent & Surrey and alloy wheel straightening in Kent & Surrey. Get in touch today with 10% off using the quote “Fusion Online”.

You could be suffering from the following problems

  • Uneven and premature tyre wear
  • Damage to your car suspension
  • Vibration and steering shake

These are usually caused by potholes, kerbs or raised drain covers. Many mechanics will say that the alloys can’t be straightened but this is simply not true, alloy wheels can be straightened. Due to the spokes being on the front side of the wheel, it’s more likely to bend the wheel on the back which makes it much harder to see the bend when the wheel is on the car. If this is the case, then you are likely to notice the bend with one of the three signs above.

The repercussions can be worn tires which can make your car harder to handle and may increase your fuel consumption. This means you will need to replace your tires sooner or could cause a tire blowout. If any of these signs appear it is worth getting your vehicle checked out.

How can we help?

Fusion Wheels offer great value alloy wheel refurbishment in Kent, including split rim alloy wheel repair, alloy wheel straightening and diamond cut alloy wheel refurbishment.

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