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If you have invested time and money in modifying your car, the possibilities that you’ve bought alloy wheels is quite high. Implicating that you definitely want the aesthetics of the car to look pristine. But sometimes even we make mistakes and override that high kerb, or pick up a few scratches along the way. The worst thing is when the first sight you notice on your vehicle is the scuffed alloys. Rather than noticing that beautiful body shape and polished slick alloys it really makes your car stand out for the wrong reasons. To find out more about our Alloy Wheel Refurbs in Kent keep reading the article.

There are quick fix’s to get those alloys looking ‘new’ again, but at what cost? This article will focus on the DIY method compared to premium service and quality.

The Quick Fix

Also known as doing it yourself, DIY, can be an alternative to getting someone to do the work for you. But saving on some spare cash and spending your entire weekend trying to attempt to save that wheel may end up catastrophic. You can purchase over the counter repair Kit to your alloys, consisting of sandpaper, primer and paint at any relevant vehicle store like Halfords. However, this is where the patience may wear thin, same as your alloys if you keeping sanding.

Sanding, applying filler, re-sanding and painting will take a keen eye to make sure that every scuffs don’t get missed out. Worse of all is buying the wrong colour paint for your wheels, which funnily enough happens more than often. It is possible to repair light damage, but any major or mild damage to the alloy will defiantly take some professional help.

The Quality Fix

Fusion wheels are the company you should choose due to the quality and years of knowledge we have attained, while still researching new industry techniques.

With deep pot holes causing dented wheels and major fights with the kerb, it’s going to take more than some elbow grease to file away the damage. The quality and knowledge with using a professional service are the speed and quality assurance you get.

Someone who has performed the job day in day out, and fixed hundreds of wheels, will tell the difference between primers and how to condition the wheel the best. Deep potholes can cause serious damage by bending the wheel out of alignment but it can also render it irreparable. Even a minor impact can distort the rim where it touches the tyre.

These incidents can equally have serious consequences. The quality materials we use compared to over the counter kit differentiates massively. This gives the customer absolute confidence in the product and out service.

Enquire today to see our Alloy Wheel Refurbs in Kent, or alternatively to get a greater depth check out our Wheel Refurbishment in Kent.

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