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Fusion Wheels – Infusing Adventure Back into Your Wheels

Our Love For Wheels We have wheels to thank for allowing many of our life’s adventures to roll on. Our purpose at Fusion Wheels is to fix any threat to your wheels that puts a disappointing halt to your journey, so that the spark of your…
Split Rim Repair Kent & Surrey

Understanding Alloy Wheel Straightening

Why get Alloy Wheel Straightening? Do you want tyres that are not bent? Crooked and bent alloys can expose you to damaging your tyres if not leaving you with a flat tyre. If you’re based locally the check out Fusion Wheels. We are experts…
Alloy Wheel Straightening Kent & Surrey

Looking For Alloy Wheel Refurbs

Need Alloy Wheel Refurbs? If you have invested time and money in modifying your car, the possibilities that you've bought alloy wheels is quite high. Implicating that you definitely want the aesthetics of the car to look pristine. But sometimes…
Wheel Refurbishment

Do You Need Wheel Refurbishment?

Professional Wheel Refurbishment If you are on the look-out for wheel refurbishment in Kent, then you've come to the right place! Fusion Wheels Tech are specialists in this field and have refurbished thousands of wheels over many years. We…
Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Kent

Why You'll need Alloy Wheel Repairs

Looking for Alloy Wheel Repairs? Alloy wheel repairs in Kent aren't hard to find. What is hard to find is a decent company that can do the job properly. It isn't always a great idea to use a mobile technician as they're not equipped with the…
wheel refurbishment kent

How We Can Help In Maidstone?

Are you looking for alloy wheel refurbishment in Maidstone? Well look no further! Fusion Wheels are here to help. We can take care of all aspects of wheel refurbs, whether it's a diamond cut alloy wheel or a powder coated wheel.