Painting Your Alloy Wheels

Add some character to your car and have your alloys painted! Painting the alloys will give your vehicle a personal look and make it more suited to your style.

Alloy wheel refurbs in Kent & Surrey have professional engineers who will refurbish and repair your wheels.


Powder Coat

A powder coating is applied to the alloy as a dry powder. Once the powder has been applied, it’s then finished by heating it, allowing it to flow and make a durable coat.  

The powder coat has quite a few benefits that make it appear the optimum choice; however, it is entirely a matter of preference to what finish you like. The alloy is given a more durable finish and gives it a longer lasting result.  

The powder coat leaves an even finish and can be matte or gloss, making it more of a desirable choice based on its versatility.


Chrome Paint Finishes

A chrome paint finish on your alloy wheels will leave them with a metallic and glossy look. This is a typical and desired look on wheels as its simple but effective.

We use cars for everything nowadays, and therefore they need to be able to withstand harsh weather conditions and different road surfaces. A chrome paint finish is very useful for cars that may be travelling on loose road surfaces as the finish of the alloy will not get scratched or scuffed easily.

If your wheels do get scratched then wheel refurbishment in Kent will amend your wheel, making it look good as new.  



If you plan on selling your car in the future but still want to style how you like, then wrapping the alloys may be the right option for you. The wrap will protect the wheels original paintwork, maintaining the value of the car. Therefore, should you want to sell your car, the wrap will easily peel off causing no damage to the wheels.

Wrapping your alloys gives you the opportunity to design your car in a way that suits you. The alloys can be wrapped in a range of colours allowing you to find the colour that is perfect for your vehicle.


Diamond Cut Alloys

Diamond cut alloys are an attractive and popular choice for wheels as they offer something different. They are significantly lighter than steel wheels allowing you to have a smoother driving experience. Lighter wheels mean that when it comes to braking, the car will brake easier and reduce the speed at which the brake pads wear out. Along with being lightweight, diamond cut alloys are easy to maintain, have a lovely finish and offer a variety of colour.

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