The World Through the Wheel

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The World Through the Wheel

The various spheres in our cosmos rotate and travel like wheels in their orbits and axis, their circular motions conductive to the greater vehicle that is the universe – the vehicle that is always on the move with its expansions and modifications, while it is forever whole. The wheel, like the universe, is unique because of its self-containing infinity, combined with its endless capacity to set in motion and maintain the flow of any other force in the world. This is what we see when we go round the world on wheels:

An Ordered World of Work and Industry

The wheel of quality improvement, devised by Dr Edward Deming, has segments corresponding to Plan, Do, Check, and Action. This wheel helps to produce high-quality and ambitious results consistently. The wheel of retailing, developed by Professor Malcolm McNair, is a hypothesis explaining that when businesses first enter outlets, they begin with lower value status, prices, and facilities, and eventually evolve through four distinct stages to gain an established prestige, while their earlier stages become occupied by fresher brands to the market. This wheel, therefore, helps us understand the powerful socio-economic cultures surrounding us.

A Meaningful World of Thoughts and Feelings

Dr Richard Paul’s wheel of reasoning encourages us to take into account the issue in question, points of view, concepts to consider, assumptions, implications, evidence, and the purpose of solving the problem. It helps us come to intelligent, informed conclusions that we can be content with. Meanwhile, the wheel of emotions, designed by psychologist Robert Plutchik, illustrates variations within and relationships between the human emotions. It is a single tool for helping us understand our inner and invisible lives.  

A Beautiful World of Light and Colour

The Quiller Wheel consists of over 70 colours in various hues and tones, universally helping people find the perfect shade and the most beautiful combinations for mixing, contrasting and complementing. The RGB colour wheel, on the other hand, is a digital spectrum that presents in every gradient all variations and combinations of the primary colours, making them fully accessible for modern design.

A Higher World of Spirituality

The Sanskrit word ‘chakra’, which translates to ‘spinning wheel’, refers to the presumed wheels of energy that exist within us in rainbow order, each corresponding to set of emotional, mental and spiritual elements. These wheels need to be in the balance, spin with the right energy and work in harmony to drive the organism to actual wellbeing. We also have the wheel of law, named the Dharma wheel, which consists of eight spokes, each underpinning a fundamental universal law necessary for enlightenment.

A Flourishing World of Life

The wheel of life, first presented by Paul J. Meyer, is divided into areas that make up the individual’s life, including family, career, health, enjoyment, spirituality, and personal development. Its scoring system enables the individual to focus on parts of their world that need more care, to holistically progress towards a life that blossoms with joy.

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