Understanding Alloy Wheel Straightening

Split Rim Repair Kent & Surrey

Why get Alloy Wheel Straightening?

Do you want tyres that are not bent? Crooked and bent alloys can expose you to damaging your tyres if not leaving you with a flat tyre. If you’re based locally the check out Fusion Wheels. We are experts at both alloy wheel straightening in Kent & Surrey and refurbishment work.

Our technicians will help find the best solution to help you fix or mend your damaged alloys.

Problems bent or damaged alloys can do to your vehicle:

  1. MOT – If you your steering wheel starts to shake there is a high chance that your alloy wheel is damaged and requires repair. Damaged wheels can lead to MOT failures, but ultimately, it could be unsafe for you to drive the vehicle.
  2. Cracked Wheels – You may occasionally hit the odd deep pothole, but without realisation, this can lead to having cracked wheels. Our team of experienced technicians will ensure that your wheel is welded back together again. Eradicating the need to purchase or replace the wheels.
  3. Excessive Tyre Wear – Due to the bent wheel, it can force pressure to one specific spot on the tyre, which will result in serve tyre wear. If you’ve bought brand new tyres and noticed a specific wheel that tends to wear quicker than the rest. It most likely that you may need to get alloy wheel straightening. This will get the wheel back to its default position and deter such aggressive tyre wear.
  4. Suspension Damage – Another part of damaging your wheels in a pothole or kerb is that fact that it may have damaged your suspension along the way. Having all these factors will harm not only the performance but also the appearance of your car.

These are a round-up of the problems that may be caused to your vehicle in the short and long-term as the damage may progress.

Make sure to check out alloy wheel refurbs in Kent & Surrey, to get a range of other services we offer.

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