Why You’ll need Alloy Wheel Repairs

Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Kent

Looking for Alloy Wheel Repairs?

Alloy wheel repairs in Kent aren’t hard to find. What is hard to find is a decent company that can do the job properly. It isn’t always a great idea to use a mobile technician as they’re not equipped with the level of machinery or quality environment that a static unit offers. We ensure that all of our wheels are repaired to the highest quality – as if they were our own.

Fusion Wheels Tech offer fantastic wheel refurbishment in Kent. If you love your car and have had that heart-wrenching moment where you clip a kerb, you’ll need that taken care of. Alternatively, you could be looking to sell! Who want’s to buy a car on Auto Trader with dodgy wheels? No one. That’s who. Something simple such as alloy wheel repairs can really bring the best out in your car and eliminate anything jeopardising the aesthetics. It doesn’t matter if you own a brand new Audi RS6 or an older 2005 reg Renault Clio. You choose to drive that car because you love it.

Diamond Cut Wheel Repairs in Kent

You may have seen us mention diamond cut wheels before and still not understand what it means. You could, however, know what they are! Well, for those who don’t, diamond cut wheels are a type of alloy wheel that is finished by using a diamond cutting lathe. Now, if these are blemished, you can’t just powder coat them like normal wheels. They need to be cut down again with a lathe. Most companies and a majority of mobile wheel repair companies don’t offer this service. This is due to the sheer cost of purchasing a diamond cut lathe. At Fusion Wheels Tech, however, we’ve got one! Even the other local wheel repair companies and main car dealers use us to get their diamond cut wheels repaired. This should be enough reason to chose us for diamond cut alloy wheel refurbishment in Kent & Surrey.

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